An Introduction to the Charis Commitment to Common Identity
The Charis Movement, comprised of leaders and churches commonly known as Grace Brethren, traces its family roots back to Germany, where in 1708 a small group of sincere Christ-followers committed to form a church that would be faithful to the teachings of the New Testament. Yet we recognize that our spiritual foundations are built upon the broader work of godly men and women throughout history who have faithfully labored to interpret and apply God’s truth. While different expressions of our beliefs have been drafted throughout our history, we have consistently affirmed our unwavering loyalty to Jesus Christ, the Living Word, and to Holy Scripture, the Written Word, as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
Throughout the centuries, our movement has known glorious times of progress and sad times of distraction over secondary issues. By the grace of God, today we are a global family of churches that shares a common commitment to understanding the Word of God (Biblical truth), to living as the People of God (Biblical relationships), and, to fulfilling the Purposes of God (Biblical mission). This threefold commitment is shared throughout the geographically and culturally diverse congregations that identify with us. 
The Charis Commitment to Common Identity is a summary of our biblical convictions, mutual commitments, and common practices. It is not intended to be a complete expression of what we believe and practice, nor is it intended to be the final expression of those beliefs and practices. Rather, it is a current expression of our ongoing quest to apply the unchanging truth of God’s Word to the constantly changing realities and needs of our world. It is formatted around three “clusters” as follows:
  1. The Center affirms our eternal loyalty to Jesus Christ, through whom we live and move and have our being; 
  2. The Evangelical Core outlines the convictions we share with those in the stream of historic orthodoxy and global evangelical communities that possess a high view of God and the Scriptures; 
  3. The Charis Identity summarizes the perspectives and practices shared among Grace Brethren churches and leaders around the world. 
We encourage our leaders and churches to use this document in the following ways:
  1. To encourage the next generation to understand, identify and engage together with us;
  2. To train new disciples to grow and serve among us;
  3. To orient those disciples who may wish to join us;
  4. To strengthen the understanding and convictions of our leaders and members;
  5. To help us relate appropriately to those with whom we form partnerships;
  6. To discern which churches or groups of churches should form a part of our global movement.

Go to the Charis Fellowship website for full details of the Charis Commitment to Common Identity.

 For more information about Charis Fellowship, visit the official Fellowship web site.



In our effort to follow our motto to love Christ and make him known and to promote an atmsophere of christian fellowship, the following programs are offered.


Our children's program is offered for infants through Grade 5.

The youth program is for middle school and high school aged students.

Our adult program is open for those 18 years old and over.


Children in Grades K-5 enjoy an age appropriate service. They accompany parents in the regular service and are dismissed after the offertory for their program.


The Praise Team leads our congregation in songs of praise, which consist of a mixture of hymns and contemporary selections.


Our youth group meets once a month and enjoy many activites, which includes an annual missions trip, GBC National Youth Conference and community outreach projects.


Women of Grace is a national organization. Locally, the ladies meet once a month for Bible study. The focus of this ministry is spiritual growth, encouragement and community outreach.


The men meet once a month for fellowship, devotions and a meal prepared by a team comprised of regular attendees. The breakfast is open to adult men, teens, and father and son groups.


We partner with Encompass World Partners, formerly known as Grace Brethren International Missions. In this partnership, we support missionaries serving in Africa, Asia, and Europe. We also support Native New Life Church in Albuquerque, NM.