"We exist to be a witness of God's love, to encourage others, to know Christ and make Him known."
Photo of Pastor Don Patten and his wife Marta

A Note from Pastor Don

 Spring is coming!

As we enter into the season of spring we enter with expectations.  Warmer days, more sunshine, and the colors of flowers, bring delight to our eyes.  It is a time of renewed growth, gardens get planted, tree leaves begin to bud, green grass perks up, people increase their time outside, and friendships are strengthened during walks and barbecues.  For many people spring is a wonderful time of year.  It is during this time that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Passover celebration and of the Feast of First Fruits.  We remember that Jesus died to set us free from the guilt and condemnation of sin.  We also remember that as Jesus rose up from the tomb on the third day, He guaranteed the promise of eternal life.  Jesus rose in spring and rose on the first day of the week, both aspects remind us that Jesus is the author of life and that He is gracious to give us new beginnings.  As we have trust in the Lord for His plan and His purpose in our lives, let's remember that we are to have hearts filled with hope and love.  Let's remember that we are to put our expectation in the Lord (Psalm 62:5) and that includes the expectation that God wants us to grow and bear spiritual fruit. Don't let your past struggles hold you back from a fresh start.  Remember that His mercies are new every morning.  Move forward in the spiritual realm!  Ask God to develop His gifts and talents in you, trust Him for a season of growth.  As always, when God hears and answers your prayers, remember to give all of the glory to God!

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