Operation Christmas Child 2018 - Praise the Lord! 104 boxes were collected!!

Our goal this year is 100 boxes. We are changing ages on some of our boxes to help even out the needs for the following groups:
Boys (ages 10-14) - 50 boxes
Girls (ages 10-14) - 50 boxes
Although the focus each month will highlight specific items, you may bring any needed item for the collection box, which is located in the foyer. 
Funds are also needed to ship the boxes. The cost is $9.00 per box. If you want to contribute to the shipping fee, indicate Operation Christmas Child (OCC) on your giving envelope. Also, if you prefer to give money to purchase an item rather than shopping yourself, please contact Susan A. 
Thanks for your support!

Items  Needed

January:  Washcloths and bars of soap

February:  Flashlights and batteries

March: Toothbrushes, Combs or Brushes and Hair Accessories, Small or Medium Stuffed Toys

April:  Colored Pencils and Adult Coloring books  (50 for girls boxes) 

May and June: Catch-Up months

July and August:  Pencils, Pens, pointed scissors, big erasers, pencil top erasers, pencil bags, 8 1/2 x 11 inch notebooks. 

September - November: Catch-up months