Our local church is not equipped to meet many of the needs that are brought to us. Therefore, we have compiled a list of community resources that may be of assistance to those in need.  Included in this list are agencies that offer volunteer opportunities. 

****PLEASE NOTE: All of these organizations ask that you call before you show up so that they can better handle your need. 

ALANON for family members of alcoholics                     http://al-anon-co.org/

Alcoholics Anonymous: Addictions                                 http://www.aa.org/lang/en/meeting_finder.cfm?origpage=29

Drug Addiction Referral Hotline             1-888-268-9124  (Addiction referrals)

The American Red Cross                        632-3563          (rent, prescriptions)

Colorado Springs Rescue Mission            632-1822           (furniture)

Ecumenical Social Ministries                  636-1916           (prescriptions)

Billy Spielman agency                           444-7350           (presciptions, utilities, food)

Care-N-Share (9am to 1pm ONLY)          528-6767           (utilities, food)

Walt Fortman agency                            382-8515           (rent, prescriptions, food)

Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen             475-7314           (food)

Share Colorado volunteer program         800-933-7427     (groceries)

Women's Resource agency                     471-3170           (clothes, transportation, job search and skill development, other)

Homeless Medical Clinic                        471-2789           (medical attention)

Crossfire Ministries                               447-1806           (food)

SET Family Medical clinics                     776-8850           (medical attention)

Life Network                                       591-2609            http://www.elifenetwork.com           

Bethany Christian Services                    591-7595           (abortion alternatives)

Life Support Center                             329-1427            (abortion alternatives)

Catholic Community Center                  619-2345            (Pregnancy Shelter)

Local Counseling, Treatment & Therapy                          http://www.gustafsonlaw.com/Resources-Counseling.htm

Set Free / Biker's Church                   619-212-3821        http:www.setfreegodshouse.org

Volunteer Match program will give lists of volunteer opportunities and information on how to volunteer http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/index.jsp?r=msa&l=Colorado+Springs%2C+CO+80997%2C+USA&o=recency&s=21

The agencies below require background checks and personal information. They also offer some support through local programs and community agencies.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office:  http://shr.elpasoco.com/Support+Services+Bureau/Volunteer+Opportunities.htm

Colorado Springs Police Dept.: http://www.policevolunteers.org/programs/index.cfm?fa=dis_pro_detail&id=193